alt Exhibitions

Salone degli Incanti / Ex Pescheria Centrale

Amazonia by Sebastião Salgado

fino al 13 ottobre

There are over 200 photographs on display, depicting the vegetation, rivers, mountains and people who populate the Amazon forest. It is an immersive journey through the inhabitants culture, a dazzling experience of discovering the Amazons by grasping the immense power of the nature and their fragility. Curated by Civita Mostre e Musei and Contrasto, Municipality of Trieste with the support of PromoTurismoFVG and the Trieste Convention and Visitors Bureau and organized by Civita Mostre e Musei and Contrasto. Zurich global partner of the entire international tour of the exhibition and Illycaffè partner for Trieste.

Sala Umberto Veruda

36°Concorso per le Arti Figurative

fino al 7 giugno

In mostra esposte le opere di artisti, nati o residenti o iscritti o diplomati in un Istituto della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, che al 31 dicembre 2023 non avevano compiuto i 35 anni, che hanno partecipato al 36°Concorso per le Arti Figurative, il cui bando ha consentito loro la più ampia libertà di espressione. A cura di: Fondazione Caraian

Museo Revoltella

Antonio Ligabue

fino al 30 giugno

A prestigious exhibition dedicated to Antonio Ligabue, an anthology which, for the first time in Friuli Venezia Giulia, tells of the life and work of a man who made his art the redemption of his very existence.

Museo Revoltella

Vincent Van Gogh

fino al 30 giugno

The exhibition gathers over 50 masterpieces by Van Gogh, coming from the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, that document the painter’s artistic career from the dark landscapes of his youth, to the drawings and oils dedicated to the theme of weavers. Also exhibited some works depicting the landscapes and moments of the artist's social llife during his stay in Paris and paintings of St. Remy and Auvers-Sur-Oise, where he put an end to his tormented life. The exhibitionis enriched by the two portraits of Monsieur and Madame Ginoux, created in 1890. Curated by: Arthemisia, Municipality of Trieste

Sala comunale d'arte

Timeless – the Bora is shadowless

Dal 2 al 25 giugno

Dedicated to Trieste, a city often frequented by the artist, to the sea and the iconic Bora wind, which represents a timeless energy. Hence the title of the exhibition, timeless - Marianna Accerboni Curated by: Rupert Rebernig

Sala Umberto Veruda

God made the food, the devil the cooks

Dal 14 giugno al 14 luglio

An exhibition by Roberto Abbiati. Instead of watercolor I should use dark beer, red wine and spicy sauce" - says Abbiati, also author of the gastronomic image of the 2024 festival - because when reading a chapter of his book, it feels like wearing a jacket that smells of roast, sleeves of fish and shirts of pineapple cotton candy. You have to be able to depict smells and scents like Joyce’s writing.” 5pm to 8pm. Free entry.

Ex casa del Popolo

Ernest N. Rogers. Letters to a Stranger

Dal 24 al 30 giugno

This Guglielmo Manenti exhibition aims at raise awareness of some of the lesser-known and intimate aspects of one of the architects of the urban transformation of Borgo San Sergio in the 1950s, namely, Ernesto N. Rogers. Curated by: University Theater Center

Sala Umberto Veruda


Dal 19 luglio al 4 agosto

Komorebi in Japanese means the “light that filters through the leaves of the trees”, a short but intense moment that expresses a state of mind, an elusive sensation. The watercolor artworks on display depict a discovery, dialogue and knowledge of the place painted and loved by the artist Marina Legovini. By: La Corte dell'Arte - Spazio Alba Gurtner Cultural Association

Magazzino 26

From Ljubljana to Trieste, the Aurisina stone from Karst and Istria in Italy around the world

fino al 14 luglio

Carlo Sbisà rooms - Arturo Nathan A material journey into the culture of stone that will allow the visitor to delve into its history, and use in architecture and art, accompanied by guided tours, cultural excursions, workshops and various performances. By: Ermada Flavio Vidonis Group

Sala comunale d'arte

Images and pixels

Dal 16 luglio al 4 agosto

The author reinterprets the snapshots with digital manipulation, moving from analog to digital: pixels are the minimal conventional units of an image and are recomposed and fused by the retina of the observer who then perceives, due to the low-resolution capacity, a single image. By: Diego Salvador

Sala comunale d'arte

Nourishing Art

Dal 7 al 25 agosto

The project arises from the artist’s careful observation of nature, seen as a source of inspiration and a means of expression. The artworks are comprised of aromas and flavors in the search for the organic and mineral origin of food. Curated by: Licia Fusai

Magazzino 26

Comparing Expressions – III Edition

Dal 22 agosto al 15 settembre

A collective exhibition of around 50 artists engaged in their artistic performances, each with a themed work of art and artistic freedom. Curated by: Trieste Artists Group “Rivel Art”

Sala Umberto Veruda

Let us begin with the children. Books as bridges - homage to the work of Jella Lepman

Dal 30 agosto al 8 settembre

The exhibition is a tribute to the work of Jella Lepman through the filter of a group of Italian and foreign contemporary artists, requested to illustrate the salient moments of her life and work, starting from the text of the book, edited by Sinnos, “A Bridge of Books”. Curated by: Ibby Italia ETS

Magazzino 26

The Sea by Riccardo Pergolis

Dal 6 settembre al 3 novembre

Riccardo Pergolis (1941 - 2018) was an interpreter of Trieste’s passion for the sea. A multifaceted intellectual, he was also a designer of pleasure craft in Trieste, Venice and England, which paves a path that helps to understand the history of boating in the upper Adriatic. The exhibition is based on the archive of images, notes and projects of boats, as well as on the naval architect’s personal library and will exhibit the progress of the design and construction phases of some of the yachts built by Riccardo Pergolis. This includes drawings, models, photographs and extracts from the notebooks dedicated to each construction and will be integrated with thematic and biographical insights. By: Museum of the Sea