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Since the 2015 edition, the Municipality of Trieste has devoted much care and attention to the choice of the designer to whom to entrust the coordinated image of the event. The first five editions saw Studio MUT at the helm of event communication, being at the time young designers who have now achieved fame and international assignments. From 2022, the choice has been to identify a local professional for each edition to whom to entrust the creativity for the event’s communication, in order to bring to life the image of the event to best express visually the identity of Trieste.

Creativity in the area

Trieste can historically boast a great tradition of visual communication starting from Dudovich’s poster design and leading up to the present day where there is an important blending of ideas and talent. One of the reasons that has led us to take this approach is the relaunch of local activities/realities that are gaining attention and recognition at a national and international level and, as often happens, find it difficult to get noticed or appreciated at home. The Municipality therefore sets itself the goal of encouraging its own talent. Since 2022, the coordinated image of the event has been produced by Studio Iknoki.

Iknoki studio

A graphic and type design studio, active since 2012 and founded by Christian Jugovac and Francesco Greguol, based simultaneously in Trieste and Treviso. The studio designs books, magazines, typefaces, visual identity systems and digital tools for cultural institutions and companies. They work side by side with authors and curators on projects that straddle architecture, photography, art and design. The method is based on continuous research into visual communication and how it relates to the complexity of the contemporary scenario.

Design 2024


Chromosome Studio

Created by siblings, Davide & Sara Comelli, after having specialized in graphics at university - Davide at ISIA in Urbino and Sara at Le Gobelins in Paris, Chromosome Studio has for several years been dealing with graphic projects, pictorial interventions, and large-scale illustrative murals.
During these years they have created important works for international agencies, architectural firms, public and private bodies, known brands, and events in various parts of the world such as Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Sydney and Italy. They have also lived in three of these cities, namely Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. Their skills combine the passion for pictorial research with their training in the graphic field. They find it particularly interesting to work on projects that involve and take into consideration the architectural space in which they are inserted. Their long experience in the field of murals has led them to consider architectural expanses as a communication vehicle and source of inspiration from which various collaborations with architecture and design studios have arisen. These interests have materialized in various types of work for cultural and commercial venues, restaurants, hotels, exhibition stands, scenography and signage projects, and including urban redevelopment interventions in various parts of the world. In addition to this synergy between painting and graphics, they also have had the opportunity to develop their experience with more traditional graphic and illustrative projects such as visual identities, logos and various communication supports and coordinated images.

Chromosome Studio
Design 2023


Giovanna Giuliano

Giovanna has been working as a visual designer for over 10 years. Specialized in advertising graphics, editorial graphics, logo design and digital illustration and in recent years she has been involved in publishing illustrations, brand design and packaging. She has a great passion for children’s publishing, typography, fonts, 1920s posters and interior design. Giovanna has designed for Google, Luxottica, FAO, Wallmart, Zalando, la Doria, Fuorisalone di Milano, Zanichelli, Selle Royal, Wired, Financial Times, Corriere della Sera, Headline Publisher, Mr Porter, Spotlight, Metropolitan, Singapore Airlines, Atlas, Modus , Al Etihad Bank, Credit Cooperatif Bank and many more.
Design 2022


Jan Sedmak

Born in Trieste in 1983 where he lives and works as an illustrator in sectors such as publishing for children and adults, posters, street art, and video animation. His key collaborations include: Port of Trieste, Ca’ Foscari University, Illy Caffè, Olivetti Historical Archive, Einaudi Ragazzi, Edizioni Corraini, Castelvecchi Editore, Dedica Festival, Una Montagna di Libri Festival, Barcolana, M-Children Museum of Mestre, Multistudio, Sebastiano Giraldi Study, Camuffo Lab, Roberto Duse. Jan has received various awards: third place in the "Design and Advertising" category in the 2022 Annual of Authors of Images; special mention in the World Illustration Awards 2020 competition and he was among the 6 finalists in the Advertisement category. In 2017, Jan was published in the Illustration Directory and in the Annual of the New York 3X3 magazine, winning a Merit Award.
Design 2021


Studio Mut

Founded by Thomas Kronbichler and Martin Kerschbaumer, it is considered «one of the liveliest graphic studios in Italy» (Grafik Magazine, London). Studio Mut consists of four to six people, all designers. Their work includes identity, publishing design and digital product design for clients spanning art, culture and commerce such as Triennale Milano, Louis Vuitton and Museion Bolzano. They are known for their exuberant style, both in person and in their work, and for creating impactful work that combines playfulness and earnestness. Kronbichler and Kerschbaumer are members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), the world’s leading association of graphic designers. They present at conferences and facilitate workshops all over Europe as well as lecturing at various universities.
Design 2020


Studio Mut

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Studio Mut

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Studio Mut

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Studio Mut

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Studio Mut

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Studio Mut